Jordan has stolen my heart.

BEFORE LEAVING CESIE gave us a wonderful Christmas present when, at the beginning of December, we learnt about the Winter Camp that would be held in Jordan in March 2022. It seemed like the perfect ending to a unique, personal experience: InnovAgroWoMed. It was so...

My Winter Camp experience: we are more connected and similar than we imagine!

Today, March 31st, one week has passed since we came back from our Winter Camp in Jordan; enough time to find some space, go beyond our emotional involvement and revisit our experience from different points of view to have a clearer and broader perspective.  First of...

An experience that started with my instinct saying no: the training in Jordan.

It's Thursday, March 31st. I am sitting in front of my laptop, and I think that one week ago, at this very moment, I was flying from Amman to Bergamo, coming back from an experience that had started with my instinct saying no.  Inside of me, I was saying no to...

Getting out of your comfort zone: my experience in Jordan with InnovAgroWoMed

When I learned about this journey, I immediately thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. Especially for me since I had never left Europe before. I had travelled abroad only once, many years ago, when I went to Athens.  I was so curious about getting to...

“Girls, we are glad to confirm your travel to Jordan!” BAM!

It all started with this message. You are overcome with a mix of contradictory emotions as if you were driving on a highway and suddenly a truck overtakes your car. In the beginning, it was all about adrenaline (since we haven’t been travelling for a long time because...


Dawda describes his volunteering experience at CESIE

Dawda describes his volunteering experience at CESIE

“I recommend everyone to have a volunteer experience because it is important to help others, because we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow, and the good we give today will come back to us in the future.” Dawda talks about his experience at CESIE.

My volunteering experience of these two months at CESIE

My volunteering experience of these two months at CESIE

“Thanks to the project, I learned new words in Italian, but also how to manage my time, how to work with new people and other transversal skills such as teamwork, creativity and respect for everyone.” Junior shares his experience as an ESC volunteer.

My Volunteering Experience

My Volunteering Experience

“I am very happy with my experience because I have had the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills.” Read more about Hassan’s ESC experience.