The NE Marina Pérez shares her first month in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange

Thursday 20 June 2019

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The NE Marina Pérez shares her first month in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs exchange

20 June 2019Experiences

The aspiring entrepreneur Marina Pérez Sanleandro participating at the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme has shared with us her impressions about her exchange in Germany. Marina is very motivated and is learning as much as she can from her host entrepreneur Doreen at Kulturinsel Einsiedel. Surrounded by wild nature and tree houses, she is learning with enthusiasm how to manage her future business, an eco-touristic resort, by working with Doreen for 3 months.

 How were you welcomed into the company of the HE?

When I arrived, I was shown all the company and introduced to the different departments I would be collaborating with. Since my arrival I’ve been working together with the marketing, housekeeping and gastro departments.

Which activities have you started at the host company?

In the marketing department I’ve been exploring the different ways of promotion and advertising of the company and collaborating in the daily activities. From those, I could analyse what works best for this company and what would and wouldn’t work for mine.

In housekeeping I’ve been discovering and getting familiar with the whole of the accommodations that the hotel complex process and collaborating with the team in the organisation and development of the tasks

In gastro, for now I’ve just been in the park’s service of the department seeing how it works from the inside, learning also to be a waitress for the first time.

Have you agreed on the upcoming tasks with your HE?

We’re planning the activities on a weekly basis, so that activities can be adapted to the upcoming events in the adventure park. For the following weeks though, we have talked about collaborating with the booking department, the department that designs the tree houses and the game and events planners.

What are your first impressions of the host country and city?

The countryside in the Eastern part of Germany, where I am located, is really beautiful. Although, as it is quite a rural and difficult communicated area it is a little difficult to explore the surroundings without people who have a car.

Have you encountered any difficulties?

At the beginning just a little bit of loneliness because of the location of the company and the accommodation but I had the chance to interact with local people outside the office and thanks to them I’ve been able to do more leisure activities around here.

What are your living arrangements? Are you experiencing difficulties in practical and logistical level?

I’m currently living in a caravan that the company provided me in the garden of a house near the company where many employees also live, so I haven’t experienced any difficulties. Maybe just transport limitations, but sometimes I can get lifts to the city from friends.

If you also have an entrepreneurial idea and would like to learn how to manage a business from an experienced entrepreneur, then participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

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