About us

CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of sociologist Danilo Dolci (1924-1997).

Our Mission

To promote educational innovation, participation and growth.

Our Vision

The world is only one creature.

The World is a pomegranate

CESIE's pomegranate symbolises the ‘fruitful’ unity of people and groups growing together under the same peel. CESIE's pomegranate grows on all types of grounds becoming for us symbol of prosperity in education.

CESIE breaks with an ethnocentric global drive and focuses on individuals and diversity.

Doing so, we apply the teaching of Danilo Dolci who developed innovative educational nonviolent methods (such as the “strike in reverse” –working without pay- through which individuals initiated unauthorized public works projects, by and for the grass-roots in the ‘50 in Sicily).

CESIE’s world is upside-down!

Building on our experience and coherently to our story, we experience the possibility to overturn dynamics and approaches, aiming at a smarter and more sustainable worldwide future educational cooperation.

Our Team

individuals with a wide range of qualifications, skills and professional profiles

external experts

interns and volunteers who join us every year

President and Director: Vito La Fata | Vice Director: Marie Marzloff | Vice President: Daniele La Rocca


International Cooperation:
Giulia Tarantino

European Cooperation:
Rita Quisillo e Silvia Ciaperoni

Local Cooperation:
Tiziana Giordano



Higher Education and Research:

Jelena Mazaj

Rights and Justice:

Cloé Saint-Nom


Rosina Ndukwe


Daria La Barbera


Irene Pizzo


Giuseppe La Farina


Human Resources:
Rita Quisillo e Silvia Ciaperoni

Finance & Administration:
Mauro Cardella

Project Design:
Francesca Vacanti

Maja Brkusanin

Visibility & Communication:
Alberto Provenzano

Moreover, CESIE benefits from a broad network of partners with more than 3000 civil society organisations, universities, schools, research centres, public authorities and private entities, youth centres, companies and entrepreneurs in the world.

Along with other institutions and organisations, CESIE is currently implementing over 120 projects in more than 80 countries.

Organisational structure

CESIE’s head office is located in the city centre of Palermo.

Our Networks

CESIE is accredited by the Region of Sicily for Orientation of Vocational Education and Training, with macro-typology of Higher Education and lifelong learning (LLL) for “development, introduction and implementation of reforms in education and training to increase integration and develop employability”, and therefore eligible as accreditation, certification and/or qualification body.

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