Looking for a career with CESIE?

Working at CESIE is so much more than just a job

As a member of CESIE staff, you will join an international and multicultural team of professionals made up by a wide range of profiles, skills and qualifications – a very concrete and positive example of intercultural understanding and open European values.

If you are you interested in working with us as an expert in tender opportunities of various donors, please register here in our Expert Database!

Are you looking for an internship opportunity? Check out our internship section to find out more!


Candidates must meet CESIE general minimum requirements for project managers

  • knowledge of english language (at least level c1);
  • knowledge of italian language (at least level c1);
  • a 2-years structured experience in project management;
  • attitude for teamwork in an international environment;
  • availability to travel and to business trip assignments.

    Personal Information

    Your experience in management of EU and/or international project

    List your most relevant experiences (from the most recent one) in the field of EU and international project management

    • Duration in month

    • Duration in month

    • Duration in month

    Your experience in writing EU and/or international project's proposals

    List the proposals you have contributed to write and whether they have been approved or not

    Personal motivation statement/Additional information

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