MATRIX – Employability Skills Guide for Educators

The manual contributes to improving people’s personal development, employability and participation in the European labor market by identifying what skills are in demand in the labor market.

HaHa – Happy Compass

The Happy Compass is a psychological support tool that can be used daily to stimulate creativity and promote experimentation among people. It is a collection of dynamic art methods that aim to improve the quality of life of those who particularly suffered during the pandemic.

GROUND – Handbook for youth workers in urban green areas

Increasing the competences of youth workers in nature-based environmental education, with the aim to promote active participation, inclusion, youth empowerment and engagement of young people coming from disadvantaged urban areas.

YEA – Literature review

This Literature review aims to identify the key themes in building social relations among young people living in the local communities of Italy, Belgium and Finland.

JERICHO – Guide for parents

The JERICHO’s Parents’ Guide is an informational tool aimed at guiding families in responding to potential or confirmed cases of sexual exploitation in prostitution of minors.

Arte e Cultura

Bambini e donne

Cittadinanza attiva e volontariato

Dialogo Interculturale

Dialogo Intergenerazionale

Educazione e formazione

Educazione non-formale

Genere e sessualità


Inclusione e integrazione



LangMOOC – Toolkit

LangMOOC – Toolkit

The LangMOOC toolkit is a collaborative product developed by the LangMOOCs project consortium, addressed to language teachers and learners, system administrators, service providers, educators and educational policy-makers for languages schools and training centers to use Open Educational Resources and MOOCs for language learning. This toolkit, divided in 6 chapters, is a guideline that contains the core elements of a Massive Open Online Course and Interactive Language Learning Environment.

Occupazione e imprenditorialità

Sviluppo sostenibile