Rights and Justice

What do we do

We passionately work in promoting equality, diversity and non-discrimination. We raise awareness on gender equality from an intersectional and non binary approach in relation to empowerment and rights awareness.

We work hard on the prevention of all types of violence, including gender-based violence, child abuse and online/offline violence, polarization and radicalization, and put a special focus on supporting victims and survivors.







    Main activities

    Capacity Building

    on gender issues, child rights, prevention of all types of violence and support to victims and survivours tailored to young people, adults, families & service providers’ needs.

    Awareness raising

    on rights, gender equality, gender-based violence, violence and discrimination aimed at and together with people of diverse backgrounds and ages.

    Support towards autonomy

    of people at risk and victims/ survivors of violence through community approaches.

    Creation of Networks

    among individuals, service providers and institutions to foster collaboration and exchange of good practices.

    Building of safe spaces

    to promote open, judgment-free dialogue about sensitive or controversial topics and support the empowerment of affected individuals.

    Promotion of fundamental rights

    to encourage online/offline communities free of discrimination and criminal behaviors.



    Why should we educate on gender equality, sexuality, and affectivity?

    We firmly believe that education for gender equality and equity, understood as the concepts highlighting that women and men, girls and boys and all other genders with different needs and power should have equal conditions, treatment and opportunities for realizing their full potential, human rights and dignity and that differences should be identified and addressed in a manner that rectifies the imbalances.

    Towards the prevention, protection & support of victims & survivors of violence

    We encourage community approaches to protect and to better support those who have been victims and/or survived violence and promote new models of practices to tackle violent and abusive behaviours.

    Cultivating fundamental rights & preventing offending behaviours

    We promote innovative, community-based initiatives aimed at promoting fundamental rights and preventing and contrasting offending and criminal behaviors both online and offline, including hate speech and radicalization, through the envisioning and encouragement of alternative narratives.

    Promoting the rights of the child

    We're on a mission to make the world a safer place for every child by preventing all forms of violence against them, ensuring child protection and encouraging their active participation.


    Events and trainings

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