Maria Lucia learned how to manage her future business

Monday 2 September 2019

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Maria Lucia learned how to manage her future business

2 September 2019Experiences

Could you tell us your story and your experience in Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme?

I’ve graduated two years ago in architecture, at the University of Palermo. I’ve always been fascinated of new cultures and new places: I think that if you want to grow up, to improve yourself, you have to go and to explore what the world offers to you. I’ve started living abroad thanks to the Erasmus program, before in Madrid and then in Barcelona, where I’ve been working as an intern in LoCa Studio office. Last year I decided to come to Prague, and I’ve discovered the EYE program, that allowed me to improve my English and my professional skills. I’ve been cooperating with Jakub Heidler in Studio Reaktor for five months, during which I learn a lot and I gave my help for their works.

Which activities have you undertaken at the HE’s company?

During my time in Studio Reaktor, I've been involved in different interior design projects. I've participated in the design of different flats (refurbished or quite new), a cafè and a beach luxury resort, cooperating from the design phase to the technical drawing and render visualization. I also visited a construction site of a new project house and I participated in the social activities of the studio.

Which benefits have you achieved?

Studio Reaktor headquarter is in Přístav coworking, a coworking space full of different people, passionate with their job, that working as architects, engineers, graphics and so on. This allowed me to see how all these young people built up their own business, and the hard work and the enthusiasm that they put to improve their enterprises. I’ve improved a lot my English skills, comparing myself in a different environment, and trying to do my best to reach the required goals.

How can you summarise your experience in few words?

The experience with Jakub was really satisfied for both, I think that in the future we could continue the cooperation for some project. EYE program is a really good opportunity for all the people that want to improve themselves and learn how to manage their future business. When you finish university and start to look for a job, or you want to start with your own business, you can be scared to fail. Instead of giving up, let’s try to change this fear in a challenge to ourselves, let’s find something that lights us up and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

If you also have an entrepreneurial idea and would like to learn how to manage a business from an experienced entrepreneur, then participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

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