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30 August 2019Experiences

Ciao tutti,

I’m Roland from France, and I have volunteered in Palermo for two months with the project “No one is out”. During my EVS at CESIE, I was working at a kindergarten, taking care of children. They were aged one to ten years old, and they were always happy to see us when we arrived in the morning. In the beginning, I didn’t speak so much Italian, so I was trying to communicate with them in English or in French… with little success. But children are good teachers, and I participated in Italian lessons at the end of my first month so then I could play and communicate with them more and they could understand me better. Sometimes they were quiet, and I didn’t have much to do, and other times their contagious happiness and energy required constant attention.

There are many nice things to see in Palermo, this beautiful Mediterranean city, rich of a multicultural story. The spare time I had enabled me to go out with my flatmates, other volunteers and friends from my Italian class. I’ve met a lot of nice people from other countries and I already realize that these two months have gone by very quickly. You can see, in the same place, baroque sculptures coexisting with Arab-Norman buildings. But this multicultural ambiance does not only belong to the past: I could witness it for instance in my neighbourhood (located downtown and close to the main historical places).

I definitely enjoyed this EVS experience, which helped me understand more about cultural diversity. Living in a multicultural environment and working at the kindergarten where there were children from different origins was amazing. I had a lot of funny moments with the children, and I recommend everybody who wants to volunteer and who likes the Mediterranean spirit to come here. Perhaps if it is your first time coming to the South, you might be a little bit disappointed at first, but I’m sure that if you are sensitive to beauty you will quickly come to love this place.

As they say here, «when a foreigner comes, he cries twice: when he arrives and when he leaves»


Roland Sarabian

EVS volunteer within the Erasmus+ project “No one is out

What is EVS?

EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer program funded by the European Commission. It enables all young people legally resident in Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years, to carry out an international volunteer service in an organization or in a public body in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months.

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