Francesca’s experience: Meeting people from different cultures and perspectives sharing the same goal

Thursday 15 November 2018

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Francesca’s experience: Meeting people from different cultures and perspectives sharing the same goal

15 November 2018Experiences

Thanks to Learn Understand Accept (LUA), Francesca Raccuglia participated in a free training in the Czech Republic, held from 13 to 20 October 2018, to deepen the processes of active citizenship and reflect on the respect for human rights together with 20 European youth workers from seven different countries: Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Francesca, decided to share her experience and many photos with us:

"The training focused on the situation of social exclusion experienced by the Roma community in all parts of the world. The main objective was to raise awareness and facilitate dialogue on discrimination and anti-gypsyism that lead to social exclusion of young Roma.

Several activities carried out using original and innovative methods of non-formal education, to foster our creativity, stimulating very interesting debates.

During the first moments, we participated in team-buildings, getting to know each other and sharing our experiences in the field of human rights. We also presented our sending organizations, for possible partnerships.

The first day concluded with a delicious multicultural dinner to present our culture and share traditional food and drink. The dinner was also the opportunity to learn different traditional dances from other countries and from that moment on, we started to create a very friendly atmosphere.

We dedicated an important space to present the realities of the Rome communities in each country, sharing our different perspectives and points of view. Unfortunately, the conclusion was that in all the countries Rome communities live in segregated marginal areas and it is necessary to include them in the society respecting their rights, opportunities and supporting them.

A morning was dedicated to meet the association Hate free, aims to combat hate speech through social media. Our guest was a Czech Muslim woman, converted during adulthood. She shared with us the discrimination suffered in her daily life due to her religion.  We had the opportunity to ask her questions, because we were very curious about her story.

Otherwise, we approached the amazing tool of the "Living Library". Taking our favourite hero as reference, we made an example of the Human Library, trying to personify it and tell its story. Then, divided into groups we analysed how to prepare, implement and evaluate a Living Library. In the days after, we visited the “Café Therapy” in Prague, to carry out this activity, where the “books shared their life experiences with us”

On the third day, we visited Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. With the support of a guide, we visited the main tourist attractions of the city and the village Karlestain.

The training concluded reflecting on the new knowledge and skills acquired during the training and how to use it in our professional future as youth workers.”

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