Differences make us all unique and special: Raquel’s volunteering in Palermo

Wednesday 21 December 2022

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Hello! My name is Raquel Ferreira and I come from Portugal, more precisely Porto, the best city in my country! I came to Palermo in search of an adventure and I can say with pride that I found it and enjoyed it to the fullest.

In these past two months I managed to achieve all the personal growth goals that I set for myself before departing on this new experience. Some of these were learning how to manage my life in a totally new country, with a different culture or cultures, due to Palermo’s multicultural environment that allowed me to meet so many interesting and exciting people and learn that sometimes differences are what make all of us unique and special.

I also saw myself in situations with a lot of stress and a bit chaos, and It was wonderful to see that, along these past months, I became more than capable of handling myself in these sometimes difficult environments. Beyond these, I discovered I’m a person that is always looking to improve and that I never settle with what becomes normal because the crucial key in life is to take risks and getting out of your comfort zone.

Regarding this amazing city, I learned a lot about its history and legends, visited a lot of monuments and getting to know all about its marking points in history. The thing that chocked me the most was that even though it could be a more preserved and clean city, the beauty of its monuments truly compensated for all the flaws.

For anyone considering embarking on this experience, I truly advise you to do it and to enjoy these young years while you can. Opportunities like these disappear as you grow up and join the adult serious life. Allow yourself to escape a bit of that reality while you still have the chance to but still earning so many good values that will allow you to grow as a human being in several amazing aspects.

I absolutely do not regret this experience, and I guarantee it won’t be my last one. And I promise that I’ll come back to visit all the amazing people that I’ve met and connected with and to once more walk the streets of Palermo.

Raquel Ferreira

ESC volunteer – Sharing solidarity

Youth Unit