New entrepreneur Luciano Cappucino from Grammichele in Italy is currently involved in an exchange with Mr Alessandro Lombardi, a Host entrepreneur from Must Sales company in Krakow (Poland). Luciano had an intention to gain knowledge and skills in terms of developing international sales and leading a sales team. Luciano is sharing with us his experience and how it helps him to improve his Business Plan.

How Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs will help me to improve my Business Plan

I have learned about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme thanks to one Italian whom I met during one of my experiences abroad. He told me about this programme, explaining that it gives an opportunity to be involved in an already running business reality. He underlined that it is a source of knowledge that answers to all the questions that a person, who does not have any previous entrepreneurial experiences, can have before starting his/her own business.

At the moment, I am in Krakow, one of many European cities where it is possible to do this kind of exchange. Krakow is young and dynamic city, a commercial and industrial center and, at the same time, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe being one of the main touristic destination of Poland. After finding a place to stay in the city center, I met the Host entrepreneur, with who I have immediately started a good professional and personal relationship, inside the company and outside. I met the employees, with whom since the first day I have established a very good working relationship. Team members are from different countries, such as, Spain, France, Bulgaria, resulting in a very interesting international environment, where it is possible to find different work approaches and different business perspectives.

The language spoken during this exchange is English; considering the international working environment also other languages are important here. I am sure my foreign language skills will improve during the exchange period. 

This experience has already exceeded all my learning expectations. We have started with a training about business development and leading the sale team arranged by the Host company and, after that, I have learned new web techniques to find potential customers. By creating valuable contents for a specific target groups we were able to get important contacts from the same clients.

Every day I am supported and advised by the Host entrepreneur on how to make researches on the internet exploring web site sections, that can be useful for the marketing and business of the company. I think that this environment is extremely important in order to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a concrete project. Thanks to the Host entrepreneur, with whom I am increasing my network at the international level, and who helps me to gain the necessary skills to implement my business plan.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border programme which gives new or aspirant entrepreneurs the chance to gain the necessary skills to lead a company or to exchange knowledge and business ideas with an expert entrepreneur from another European country.

CESIE co-ordinates StartUp – Start run and grow your business project, which comes from the Eramus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, and supports the young entrepreneurs during their experiences with the expert entrepreneurs.

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