Feeling home somewhere else: Katerina evs experience

Monday 2 March 2020

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At first place I have to say that it was my first experience abroad, which made me curious and anxious at the same time.

Before arriving to Palermo, I was worried about if I will find some friends, if I will manage to adapt into the new culture, if I’m going to be happy with my work etc. Most of my concerns went away from the very first days when I arrived to Palermo.  Everyone was very helpful and supportive for me to integrate in the new place, which made me feel like a home. As a new, my flat mates tried their best to make me feel comfortable and from the first time I felt the family spirit in the house.

I was working in the kindergarten called Ubuntu, I liked my job very much because it was a lovely job. I had a great communication and cooperation with coworkers at the center. My task was to support in the daily activities for children and organize activities for them. I tried a lot to find theatrical activities that promote the collaboration between children in a group. Beginning days in the center were a little bit difficult, because of the language and new place. The center hosts children from different backgrounds, that’s why it’s called multicultural kinder garden. To work with those children gave me so much to remember.

A part from my work in Ubuntu, I also had opportunities to take part in some otter project’s, which were related to my work and my interest. Thanks to the project YouthCrossRoads and CESIE for providing such opportunity, which helped to grow my personal and professional life.

Another big part of the EVS experience, was to discover the new place, the new culture and the people that I meet. Palermo it’s a city that everyone can live. I was so lucky that I got opportunity to participate in this project.

Thank to this experience, I also managed to discover new places around Sicily, which made me I want to travel more, to explore the world, to make company with people from all over the world, meeting the diversities and love them. The fusion of the cultures I met it was the beginning of one big mind travel which I keep in my heart.

In conclusion, I keep Palermo, the Italian culture and the people I met there in my mind. This experience help me evolve and know myself much better.


Katerina Kountourou

EVS volunteer within the Erasmus+ project “Youth Crossroads

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