Paterne tells us his experience of Volunteering at CESIE

Monday 5 July 2021

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My name is Paterne, I’m Ivorian, I’ve lived in Palermo for almost 2 and a half years. I decided to participate in this project because I believe in volunteering as a means of supporting people and also a way of making new acquaintances and learning new job skills.

In these two months I have volunteered at CESIE, I worked at Emmaus, which is a solidarity second-hand market located in Palermo that deals with the collection and sale of clothes, furniture, toys and more things to support people in need through items donated by those who no longer use them.

My volunteering experience in CESIE was very rich because I worked with friends (Junior, Youssoufou, Karim) and met new people (Ciro, Giuseppe, Riccardo and other volunteers who I had chance to work with), and it taught me to work as a team, to learn to perfect my Italian since I was always in contact with many people, to know the names of different products  and items that I did not know.

Furthermore, I participated in a training with CESIE which changed my point of view in the sense that it introduced me to my strengths, weaknesses and new computer functions. Finally, we participated in a sporting activity reflecting on the importance of sport in general and the value of team play.

Paterne Messan OULAI

Volunteer of European Solidarity Corps – ESC

Project: Mapping Solidarity