The Explorers of Citizenship: A moment of socialization and cultural exchange

13 May 2019Experiences

The Explorers of Citizenship project, which involved three intercultural exchanges for young people over a two-year period, carried out its final stage in Lille, from 8 to 13 April 2019. For this opportunity, a group of young people from 16 to 22 years accompanied by Teacher Daniela Grombone, as a result of the collaboration between CESIE, and the Higher Education Institute “E. ASCIONE”.

As group leader, she wanted to share her experience with us.

A representation of young people from both CESIE and the school, accompanied by Prof. Daniela Grombone, met other students from Pascani (Romania) and the capital of the Upper France Region.

The objectives of the project have been fully achieved:

    • To promote the participation of young people aged between 13 and 18 in society to acquire skills and abilities to become active and informed citizens;
    • Developing cooperation among young people from different partner countries;
    • Improve English skills and promote linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness in the EU.

Our young Italian, Romanian and French explorers have been the spokespersons for all the other young European citizens, exchanging ideas and opinions, discussing and proposing opinions to lay the foundations for a better society through meetings, interviews, debates and actively participating in the workshops that were organized daily by coordinators of the project.

In addition, the need to communicate exclusively in English has allowed students to improve their language skills.

This experience has been productive not only for the students albeit for a short time, a time of socialization and cultural exchange, increasing and improving my teaching skills and the quality of my teaching.

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