I had the great opportunity of participating in all the activities carried out within the framework of WAPPY project – What’s App Youth!: a training course in  Manila (Philippines), a consolidation meeting in Bangalore (India), the local meetings in Palermo (Italy) and the final evaluation meeting in Wroclaw (Poland).

Thanks to the learning by doing approach adopted during the training course held in the Philippines (where I also became familiar with the Business Model Canvas and got to put myself to the test with tools for wireframing and sketching app ideas) I’ve gained a better understanding of the needs and the priorities one needs to answer when developing an entrepreneurial idea.

In India, the desk research we shared has shown similarities and differences in the approaches to business adopted in WAPPY partner countries: Italy, France, Poland, India and Philippines.

In Palermo, I was impressed by the work done during the local activities and the outstanding contribution of all the participants.

We worked with a heterogeneous group, composed of participants of different origin, language and culture, with different personal and professional backgrounds. Most of them hadn’t had any special training in ICT and they didn’t know much about software design.

These difficulties were easily overcome in the first part of the workshop, when each participant was to present his/her own idea.

It was necessary, then, to collect all the proposals and seek similarities in order to create three teams who will work to develop an app idea.

In each group, all the participants actively and passionately contributed to create their app. It was possible for them to keep expressing their own ideas which were considered and eventually included in the main project. This method, similarly to a grafting process, helped participants build a strong team spirit, become confident and achieve their goals. In the end they were really excited about the work they had done and they all valued the benefits of teamwork.

This kind of experiences helps you re-discover your skills and build your confidence in sharing your ideas in order to reach a common goal and implement your own project.

In this way you can unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in young people.


Mario Riccardo Provenzano



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