Jordan has stolen my heart.

Friday 20 May 2022

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CESIE gave us a wonderful Christmas present when, at the beginning of December, we learnt about the Winter Camp that would be held in Jordan in March 2022.

It seemed like the perfect ending to a unique, personal experience: InnovAgroWoMed. It was so beautiful to actually “touch” InnovAgroWoMed, and give consistency to all the voices we have heard during the masterclasses carried out with Tunisian, Spanish and Palestinian women.

But March felt so far away, and it looked even more distant due to the pandemic that suspended all the plans unless immediately realised. February arrived in the blink of an eye, and I had to confirm my participation in the Winter Camp.

Thinking about this female-led experience abroad felt already exciting!

I had already fallen in love with the Lonely Planet guide to Jordan and the Winter Camp programme. Still, I tried to keep my distance because, honestly, I believed we would never leave (in the meantime, the war in Ukraine, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, nurtured my pessimism).


Here we are on a trip! I don’t know if it was due to the drunkenness of an uncertain but desired journey or the fact that most of us hadn’t travelled for such a long time, the thing is that we travellers immediately became “the fabulous 12!” What a team! Among us, there was such a tremendous and diverse dynamic and a great atmosphere that kept improving day after day,

We had an enthusiastic experience sharing the room with determined, bold, beautiful women, so unique in their manners and interactions! Day by day, we felt this positive and proactive energy intensified, the emerging quality of a sense of female community that can be powerful, in my opinion.


I think I came back home feeling richer in terms of emotions and experiences, more determined to follow my path, and proud of the positive sensations and the empowerment that only a sharing experience among women can give. Luckily, I am more involved in building new friendships, in presence in my homeland and virtually with the people I met in Spain, Tunisia and Palestine.

Thank you so much, InnovAgroWoMed.



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