Getting out of your comfort zone: my experience in Jordan with InnovAgroWoMed

Friday 29 April 2022

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When I learned about this journey, I immediately thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. Especially for me since I had never left Europe before. I had travelled abroad only once, many years ago, when I went to Athens. 

I was so curious about getting to know other women with the same goal as mine: managing to succeed in life despite all the obstacles we face. Having the opportunity to discuss with them, compare our customs and habits, understand the role that society has imposed upon them and that they want to get rid of by fighting in every possible way. 

During my stay in Jordan, I noticed an overlap of different emotions and feelings: the joy of a 40-year old teenage girl during a school trip far from home; the gloom of a mother who has left her family and her little world behind for some time; but also, the determination of a future entrepreneur, ready to acquire new skills to realise her project. 

Of course, I was aware of it, and I feared having some difficulties due to my scant knowledge of the English language. And so, it was! Even though I got all the help I needed throughout the training, socialising and communicating were really difficult for me. Anyway, now I want to focus on the positive side of the experience; since linguistic barriers are huge obstacles to intercultural dialogue, I know I must improve my English language skills!!!

During my week in Jordan, I met incredibly skilful and specialised women. I noticed the common difficulties they have to face in all four Mediterranean countries in order to start female-led businesses, such as the lack of trust in women’s abilities, the difficulties when accessing funding, the roles imposed upon them that force them to take care of their families. These problems are even more exacerbated in some countries. Moreover, I familiarised myself with many useful ideas necessary to start my business. 

From this experience, I’m bringing home some lessons that will stimulate my professional and personal growth (besides learning English): getting out of your comfort zone allows you to learn more, create new relationships, increase the chances of succeeding; sharing and collaborating are essential to achieving goals, and lastly, one should improve oneself, always! 


Jordan has stolen my heart.

Jordan has stolen my heart.

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