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Thursday 17 February 2022

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My name is Mamadou Sangaré, I’m Malian, and I live in Palermo since 5 years. For the moment I attend the Pietro Piazza hotel management school, because I would like to work in the field of hotel reception.

In recent months I have had the opportunity to participate in an ESC volunteer project at CESIE.

During my volunteer work, I supported several solidarity activities in support of people from Palermo. In addition to the solidarity activity carried out by CEISE, I also supported the work of a canteen, which distributes food to people in need.  I helped the staff in the dining room and reception service, in the preparation of the dishes and tables. All the people in the center welcomed me well and they were very kind to me.

I also participated in a workshop, together with volunteers from other countries, during which we told our stories through illustrations, the music we like, our cultures and event Palermo, the city in which we all live.

I liked this experience very much because the volunteering I did is an activity that concerns the work I would like to do in the future and because it gave me the opportunity to meet many people from other countries.

Mamadou Sangaré, ESC volunteer

Project: Mapping solidarity 2019

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