Be Art: Europe is beautiful when you can socialize with others

Friday 13 December 2019

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Be Art: Europe is beautiful when you can socialize with others

13 December 2019Experiences

Here is the most important teaching received by the 5 students of the liceo scientifico Ernesto Basile (Maria Lucrezia Rallo, Nicolò Orefice, Alessandro Della Sala, Rosalia Carlotta Teresi, Anna Paglino e la prof. Ida Triolo) who took part in the European project KA1, BE ART in Madrid between the 1st and the 5th of December 2018. The project was organized by MAD FOR EUROPE and involved 8 European countries (Czech Republic, Latvia, Denmark, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Italy and of course Spain). 5 young people per country, aged between 16 and 30 years, had the opportunity not only to get to know a beautiful city like Madrid, but above all to get to know and interact with other European young people in the common language that is English. Lots of art workshops, guided tours in English, games in the streets of Madrid and lots of fun.

A project to discover Street Art, a new artistic expression always in evolution that must surely be deepened. Obviously there have been visits to the timeless works of art of the "Prado" and the "Reina Sofia National Museum". A new discovery also from the culinary point of view, in fact the participants had the opportunity to learn about other cultures thanks to foods. Every day lunch and dinner were managed by a different country. From Greek "Feta" to Portuguese "Bacalhau à brás". Obviously, the Italian lunch was widely appreciated with a warm applause. A lot of friendships were born in that context and it was difficult to say a melancholic "goodbye", but surely this is the proof of an absolutely successful project. Thank you very much to CESIE for this opportunity and also to the Liceo Scientifico Ernesto Basile of Palermo, which offers its students more and more beautiful and educational activities, without ever neglecting the human aspect.

Maria Lucrezia Rallo

Youth Exchange participant within the project “Be Art”

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