Volunteering at CESIE has been a life experience for me

Monday 5 July 2021

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My name is Youssoufou Mouhamadou, I am 21 years old and I come from the Republic of Benin. I have been living in Palermo for 4 years, I attended middle school from 2017 to 2019 and I obtained the middle school license. In 2021 I volunteered at CESIE through European Solidarity Corps to spend my free time in a useful way. During the volunteering at CESIE, I carried out many activities, for example, I was working in a solidarity second hand market, in were my tasks were to manage the market, help customers to present the products and convince them to buy it etc.  

Above all, I also attended a training course in which I learned many things, such as use of basic computer. We also reflected on ourselves and on our skills to present in the work market.

I also participated in a project about sport, where we learned about different rules of sports, we also played sports with the CESIE staff and the guys who are part of the project, where we played football, basketball, cricket etc.  For me, volunteering at CESIE was very useful, because it was a life changing experience and I also learned about work market and it also allowed me to meet new people, especially friendship with other volunteers. I would recommend everyone to participate in CESIE volunteering because it is very useful for the future: it has grown my skills and I have also enjoyed it.


Volunteer of European Solidarity Corps – ESC

Project: Mapping Solidarity