Alba Fiducia, a young entrepreneur from Sicily, since two months has been living and gaining entrepreneurial experience in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Being hosted and mentored by the Host entrepreneur Monica Ketting, Alba is increasing her competences in the field of architectural projects, urban plans, quality plans and research strategies. Experience at the host entrepreneur shall help Alba to launch her own business in the field of architecture.

As Lead Organisation of StartUp – Start, run and grow your business project within the framework of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme we are glad to share the story of Alba with you. Enjoy reading!

I am Alba Fiduccia, I am a young Italian architect and for two months I have been living in Amsterdam thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme.

The chance this programme is giving me is something unique. In fact, I am learning a new way of working that is very different from the Italian way and that is enriching my background from a both professional and relational point of view.

The first month was complicated, not only because of the foreign language (which I had to refresh after a long time) and because of some bureaucratic issues I had to deal with (such as, the registration in the Netherlands and in a medical center) but especially because of the necessity to find a place to stay: to find a place to live in the Netherlands you need a very good luck! After some weeks of interviews with many landlords, I was finally chosen and I was given a flat.

In that moment I was so happy because I had finally found a place to call home and because I did not have to “camp” in my friends’ living rooms any longer. However, my stressful and desperate search for a flat brought also some positive aspects; I had the chance to fall in love with this city, its small streets, its canals, its  markets, its colors and, above all, with its being international. Even the weather was fine in those days. Far from its characteristic rainy weather, I could observe the city in its best light.

The day after moving to my new flat, I started my exchange with the host entrepreneur. Fortunately, her office is just few minutes far from my flat by bike, so that even in rainy days I can get there easily, passing every morning through the beautiful Westerpark.

The welcome to the office was very warm. I was introduced to all the colleagues and I was explained all the job activities and their projects. They made me feel at ease and I felt involved since the beginning. We shared our professional experiences and views. The only difficulty was the language; it was not easy to get used to a technical language. At the moment the programme is going well and I am learning so many new things.  

The professional side of the experience, meeting new people, sharing experiences, museums, trips, exhibitions, travels and a great desire of discovery are the main characteristics of my programme. It is impossible to get bored in this city.

In conclusion, If I have to make an evaluation of the first two months in the Netherlands, I can say that I am enthusiastic about this experience I am having and I wish to live the resting months in an even more intensive and educative way.


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