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Wednesday 29 June 2022

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The Mapping Solidarity Project, carried out for a 3-year cycle within the European Solidarity Corps program, hosted dozens of volunteers from many European and non-European countries at CESIE in Palermo, including Portugal, Denmark, Croatia, Romania, Holland, Curacao and Georgia.

The project welcomed volunteers for various long and short-term mobility periods, who had the opportunity to carry out various volunteering activities to get to know many local realities and to live a unique experience abroad.

We asked all the volunteers to select some photographs that tell their experience in Palermo, and we decided to create a “digital exhibition” to tell the beauty of volunteering and sharing.

Below are some comments and suggestions from the volunteers who will accompany the vision of the photos.

“We enjoyed the Christmas siesta in Sant’Elia. It is only 20 mins by train from Palermo, and it has charming views and peaceful spots to relax” Katalin – Hungary.

“Mapping Solidarity brought a lot of amazing and long lasting friendships to me” Ketevan – Georgia.

“Trying to manage your pocket money can be a challenge sometimes but if you do it right you can spend some good time with your friends at one of Palermo’s great restaurants. Don’t trick yourself though! Just because Sicilian food is amazing you should still try and get to know some of the non-italian restaurants that the city’s diversity offers you!” Nina – Germany.

“In June and July all the Mapping Solidarity volunteers took part in a language tandem with Palermitan middle school and highschool students from the Base Camp. It was an amazing opportunity for me to not only learn Italian but also learn about the culture through the lens of Sicilian teenagers. Grazie a loro!” Suzanne – France.

“One of my favorite parts of Palermo is that you can always just go on a walk and you will find something you haven’t seen before and meet people as kind as if you had been friends for years. Here you see one of the places that you won’t just see once. Quattro Canti crosses your path probably every day, it’s connecting tourists with locals and always has on our two street musicians to listen to” Nina – Germany.

That said, enjoy our exhibition!

ESC Volunteers

Mapping solidarity 2020, Youth Unit

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My ESC Experience!

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