MedLit: The Alchemy of Good Eating – The Multicultural Table of International Tastes


Born as part of the non-formal MedLIT learning path for migrant women, refugees and asylum seekers, the recipe book “The Alchemy of Good Eating” is aimed at all those who want to discover the beauty of a multicultural table created by a group of women from different parts of the world and committed to improving their digital skills and their integration.

The Alchemy of Good Eating, is a journey for the senses, a proposal that crosses borders and continents to immerse the reader in a world of flavors, fragrances, colors and experiences of a group of women have chosen Palermo as a city of stay. This collection of flavors across the Mediterranean and not only becomes a magical collection of culinary wisdom and an open door to culture, art and the beauty of being together of peoples far away but now closer.



creativity, women, migration, capacity building, social integration, non formal education


Migrant women; professionals; migrants; professionals; organizations in the migrant field; food lovers; institutions

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