CARMA – Teacher’s Diary

CARMA - Teacher’s Diary

The Teacher’s Diary was chosen as the preferred evaluation tool for teachers in the CARMA project and proved to be an effective strategy to support teachers to effectively record what happened in their classes and their thoughts about it.

The Diary includes a series of specific guiding questions with 4 main areas of teaching delivery; lesson objectives, students, activities and materials and classroom management, in order to support teachers in the analysis of their work and the impact of their sessions in the classroom.

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Italian – French – Portuguese – Spanish – German – Dutch – Turkish



  • reciprocal maieutic approach;
  • methodologies;
  • social inclusion;
  • teachers & pupils;
  • risk prevention & reduction;


Teachers, school leaders, education institutions, key stakeholders in school policy making (parents, education professionals, school service providers, civil society organisations, local and regional authorities)

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