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Monday 5 July 2021

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The Digital Guide for Handcrafters is the 5th and final output of the MyHandScraft project. The guide was designed as a digital tool aimed at passing on to other handcrafters, or would-be handcrafters, the traditions and techniques shared during a series of 13 local workshops, addressed to migrant and local handcrafters, which were arranged in the framework of the MyHandScraft project based on one of its key outputs, the E-Educational Programme. It encompasses the cultural diversity brought by migrant participants and their cultural heritages, and routes it towards inter-cultural dialogue and cross-cultural learning with the host society. In this tool migrants become educators through their direct testimony, stimulating and inspiring others to exploit their skills or to develop new ones.

The guide was created through the innovative methodology of digital storytelling: migrant and local adult handcrafters who participated in the local workshops were encouraged to share their stories throughout the project activities. These testimonies were collected and digitalized in video interviews and tutorials of handicraft products. The result is a digital tool that combines text, images and videos telling the personal stories of local and migrant participants through the handicraft history of the cultures they represent. The testimonies included in this guide were collected in all partner countries: Italy, UK, Cyprus, Greece and Lithuania.

The Digital Guide is available in printable version or in web format on the project’s platform.

Download MyHandScraft – Digital Guide for Handcrafters (printable version) in the other available languages: IT, EL, LT.

Visit the Digital Guide for Handcrafters (web version) in the other available languages: IT, EL, LT.

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