INTELed – Pedagogical Framework for SEN education

Tuesday 10 December 2019

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INTELed – Pedagogical Framework for SEN education


The main idea of the project (INTELed) is to advance social inclusion through inclusive education. INTELed proposes the development and promotion of a method for training inservice, special education teachers. The method is driven by embodied cognition and kinesthetic learning, and will promote the use of interactive ICT multi-sensory techniques for learning and assessment for children with special educational needs, such as those diagnosed with autism, dyspraxia, ADHD, emotional disorders and other learning disabilities. The INTELed innovative training method has been presented and accompanied by evidence of its effectiveness through pilot studies in schools at the partner-countries: Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Greece, and collection of best practices. The partners work on presenting the pedagogical framework, the training model and instructional materials, and the procedures for implementation and evaluation. In addition, INTELed targets the development of a community platform and sustainability of a forum/community of practice (CoP) around this effort.


Non-formal Education, Education and Training, Inclusion and Integration


  • Methodologies

  • Non-formal education

  • Disability

  • Social inclusion

  • Teacher & pupils


SEN teachers, educational stakeholders

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