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Wednesday 20 May 2020

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The interventions toolkit is an overview of methods, interventions and projects that schools can use to act to implement the recommendations from the assessment in a practical way. The Interventions Toolkit is available in two formats: online as an Excel file ( and as pdf.  The current version of the toolkit contains 37 interventions.

The design of the Toolkit was based on the remarks and the needs of the educational community, in an attempt to provide the school community a practical and hands on resource in order to deal with bullying phenomena effectively.

The Toolkit is organized based on the form of violence a school aims to address: general bullying, cyberbullying, gender bullying and various types of bullying. Each section contains information about different aspects of the intervention such as the age group that an intervention is aimed at, the context in which the intervention can be best used, the way it can be implemented as well as the expected impact on knowledge, attitudes, skills or behaviours.

Most of the interventions in the Toolkit are not entirely new; however, the context and the guidance that offers make it original. In addition, “Toolkits” usually focus on educational interventions, while we know that the most effective interventions are not educational in nature, but are non-lesson bound pedagogic and social interventions, for example on how to organize a process that encourages and secures pro-social behaviour in a group.

Overall, the ABC-Toolkit is primarily meant as a tool to make choices; it is not a full manual to implement the interventions. However, our descriptions include internet links to the original source/website with more detailed descriptions of the interventions.  

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