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  • To create more safety in secondary schools on the level of students, including socially marginalized groups
  • To support teaching staff in developing competences to deal with conflict, bullying, social exclusion and discrimination, with special attention to minors groups
  • To support school managers to guide and facilitate a school innovation process towards these ends
  • To start a discussion in EU Member States on more effective ways to make school safer and to meliorate citizenship education
  • To develop a sustainable way to continuously stimulate and support anti-bullying and social inclusion policies on the European level.


  • Researching of good practices that aim to prevent and/or tackle bullying
  • Developing Certification Procedure that will enable participating schools to manage a continuous monitoring process to enhance safety and inclusion in school
  • School visitation, interactive one day events exploration into the school safety and inclusion situation carried on by schools staff and students
  • Trainings in schools to inform students and staff about scientific findings and the positive and negative impacts of interventions in case of bullying
  • Administration of School Safety Survey to students and staff of secondary school
  • National and International Feedback Committee involvement will debate of the need of school on safety and inclusion



The project

Project Number

Date of the project

31/12/2017 – 31/05/2020

DG of reference

Erasmus+, KA2 Strategic Partnership SCHOOL




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