ABC – Manual for the Certification Procedure

Monday 4 May 2020

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ABC – Manual for the Certification Procedure


The manual for the Certification Procedure gives a detailed overview of the basic steps to be taken and how to plan the procedure. It contains a checklist that the school management can use to summarize the data and recommendations collected and to self-assess and score the school. The basic checklist offered is based on the level of commitment in the school for antibullying policy, because in organizational theory, the growth of commitment appears to be a most important factor for innovations in organizations. The guide also contains a chapter on scientific research on which type of methods are proven effective in schools, and a chapter on diversity, outlining how bullying and antibullying policy may be different for ability, body image, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, poverty, Roma, immigrants and a context of populism. The guide has numerous appendices with information and templates for documents (like informing to parents, how to deal with privacy etc.) which can be used during the process.



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