ABC – School Review Workshops for students and staff

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ABC – School Review Workshops for students and staff

Material for Workshop

This document gives the guidelines to manage School Review Workshops, interactive days where school staff and students investigate the level of safety and inclusion at school, checking the school environment, the formal policies. They also conduct interviews, including marginalised students. Moreover, they observe lessons on school safety, social studies and resolution of conflicts. Together with the school surveys, the School Reviews give an inside vision on how school safety really works.

The student review/ “visitation” is done by a group of about 10 students who are selected by teachers based on their interest in antibullying policy, ages and diversity. The review takes one day.

The teacher workshop is also planned as a one-day event. Ideally all, or a representative part of the staff team takes part.



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  • inclusione sociale
  • dialogo interculturale


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