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Tuesday 19 November 2019

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Methodology guide

This second module of SeasonREADY training material (6 modules) is dedicated to communication strategies in small and medium hospitality enterprises (SMHEs). In this sector, communication is a complex process that takes place at both verbal and non-verbal levels. Its effectiveness depends on a number of factors such as the ability to skillfully encode and decode massages as well as on the appropriate way of identifying the factors that affect communication whatever to their nature. It is important to remember that no single aspect can be considered as the key towards successful communication. This module presents principles that apply to these parameters of communication with special attention to SMHEs.

After the end of this module readers will able to:

  • recognize the factors pertaining to effective communication within SMHE;
  • listen actively; and
  • effectively adapt to challenging situations in communication.


The material includes theory, methods, approaches, reflection and practical application exercises, self-assessment exercises and external resources.



  • methodologies;
  • vocational training;
  • non-formal education;
  • disadvantaged targets & areas;
  • skills & competencies.


Employers, in-house trainers, VET trainers, managers

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