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Thursday 20 October 2022

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Road Map

The Road Map is a kit where advice and tools for regional resilience building can be found in one place. Though it firstly addresses the public administration, it can be a useful instrument for anyone active in the field of regional development, as it explains the steps that regions and communities can take to build and strengthen their resilience.

The Roadmap also serves as a tool for self-diagnostic of the level of regional resiliency in targeted regions.

It covers the following topics:

  • Introduction: what is resilience and why it is relevant to communities in all contexts
  • Chapter 1: Engagement for resilience building, networking, and connecting: how to involve all sectors of the region /community, and how to link communities to other actors.
  • Chapter 2: Assessment: how to conduct vulnerability assessment and understand risk; how to guide communities while assessing their risks and measure their resilience;
  • Chapter 3: Action: identification and prioritization strategies, problem statements and summary of assessment findings, draft list of strategies to address hazard problem statements; prioritization list of feasible strategies;
  • Chapter 4: Learning and measurement: how to track the progress, learn from mistakes, and adapt the action plans.

Open the resource to learn more!

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