NE(W)AVE: Policy Recommendation

Thursday 18 June 2020

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NE(W)AVE: Policy Recommendation

Didactical material

These policy recommendations are the final result of key activities, conducted in the frame of the Erasmus+ project NE(W)AVE: reNEWable E-Vet learning.

The aim of this paper is to use the experience gained through the NE(W)AVE project implementation to provide evidence based suggestions for local and regional authorities across the EU on how to enhance the integration of vocational education and training (VET) learning pathways and international work-based experience and how to better promote the collaboration between VET providers, companies and other relevant stakeholders. The content of this paper is designed for a broad range of stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of VET learning and renewable energy, with a particular focus on policy makers, VET institutions, relevant companies, public authorities and NGOs.



  • Vocational training
  • Adults
  • E-learning
  • Skills & competencies
  • Employment


Policy makers and stakeholders in the field of VET and renewable energies

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