In&Out: Photographic workshop: Looking for cultural footprints


This dance workshop is developed by people with long experience in dance and social work. The process involves aspects such as physical-, mental-, spatial- and self-awareness, cooperation, team-building and the understanding of yourself in relation to others. It can be a way for expressing emotions and enjoying movement, as well as music and rhythms, individually and together as a group. The workshop aims to create a safe space where the participants feel welcome to be creative, express themselves and take action, as well as to empower individuals and groups through dance. This dance workshop can generate: “A fun, creative, energetic and strengthening process on a group and individual level.



Creativity, Interculutral Understanding, Non-formal education; Art; Social inclusion


Educators, youth workers, facilitators, youth leaders

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Erasmus + Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth


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