sAGESSE – Amélioration de la Gouvernance dans le système de l’EnSeignement Supérieur en Tunisie


  • To contribute to the modernisation of the HE management and to the improvement of governance in Tunisia, providing an operational support methodologically rigorous and based on international best practices.
  • To create an integrated definition and control system for quality in university education in every university of the consortium.
  • To support the creation of new decision and management procedures to define the internal/external staff of the HEIs charged of the management and control of processes.
  • Development of skills and competencies by academic, administrative and managerial staff.
  • To promote the creation of an e-administration department in every university of the consortium for an innovative, effective and more autonomous management.


  • Development of skills about governance and quality assessment by managerial and academic staff of the universities.
  • Development of skills about financial management by administrative staff of the universities.
  • An e-administration department is created in every university of the consortium.
  • Increased awareness of universities and policy makers about the importance of better governance.
  • Increased academic and financial autonomy of the universities of the consortium.
  • Increased openness towards the socioeconomic world of the universities of the consortium.


  • Research and analysis about best practices concerning governance in Tunisia.
  • Training seminars, study visits and best practice exchange to train the administrative and managerial staff.
  • Design of a Quality Handbook about financial management procedures.
  • In each university of the consortium: definition of a strategical project and related Action Plans and creation of offices to put them in place.
  • Information seminars about good governance addressed to the Tunisian Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Tunisian National Body for Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation.
  • Elaboration of a White Book of recommendation addressed to interest groups and national, regional and international authorities.

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