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Wednesday 30 November 2022

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TEACHmi Toolbox aims to encourage the intercultural dimension of educating practices, through the creation of a set of training materials, tools and guidelines for teachers, trainers, school leaders and other professionals who undertake to support recently arrived students (aged between 12-18) with migrant background.
The Toolbox covers 6 Topics. Topics 1-5 suggest a good practice and its upscaling in the context of TEACHmi project. Thus, a series of activities are proposed, including detailed instructions and downloadable materials, adaptable to different learning environments. At the end of the topics, users can click on “Check your knowledge!”, to test what they have learnt. References and links allow to discover more on the topic.
Topic 6 offers a collection of case studies from project partners’ countries aimed to foster reflection on sensitive topics of multicultural contexts through real-life scenarios and identify possible solutions/exercises to overcome critical situations. For each case study, users can share their insight on TEACHmi online forum.

You can access the other language versions directly on the project’s platform: https://www.teachmi.eu/toolbox

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TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion

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