SeasonREADY: Customer Service Training material for the up skilling of seasonal hospitality workers

Methodology guide

The SeasonREADY methodology guide presents a universal model for implementation of work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers. It takes into account specific issues that need to be addressed in the context of seasonal employment in hospitality and tourism such as short time for initial training, increased workload in the peak season, inexperienced or untrained seasonal workers and non-professional in-house trainers in SMHE.

Firstly, the Guide presents theoretical foundations of work-based learning, defines related terminology and summarises the advantages of on-the-job training. Learning the job by execution of work tasks in real workplace enables workers to develop specific professional expertise and soft skills, improve confidence and support new-comer’s integration into the team. For employers, it presents a cost-effective method of training which can be easily adjusted to their specific needs and so generate positive effects on workers’ performance and overall management of human resources (e.g. improved motivation, stabilisation of turnover).

Finally, all the steps of training development process are explained following the standard training cycle model3: Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery and Evaluation. 



  • methodologies;
  • vocational training;
  • non-formal education;
  • disadvantaged targets & areas;
  • skills & competencies.


Employers, in-house trainers, VET trainers, managers

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