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Monday 13 March 2023

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The first project result of ReCAP consists of a local context and needs analysis. The consortium, made by 10 entities from 7 1 European countries, has investigated the social problems that the pandemic caused or worsened on young people through desk research and a questionnaire. Despite the disparities between the countries, we can find similarities. Professionals who work with youth are concerned about the negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic on psychological health and emotional well-being, both for the general society and for young people. Regarding this group, they point out specifically the effects on socialization and cultural life and studies and training, too. Results also show that young people’s relationships with all the spheres of their lives have worsened, especially relationships with educational environment, relationship with themselves and with the local community. Most of the respondents answered that young people now visit the services more often, which could mean that youngsters are aware of their situation and seek support. Young people mostly need psychological and emotional health support and educational support and professionals have a strong agreement about the use of psychological support as the most relevant tool to work with youngsters nowadays. Moreover, professionals are aware of the negative perspective young people have about the future. The study also reveals that most professionals consider artistic and cultural tools useful and motivating for youngsters, which is undoubtedly a positive outcome that will ensure a positive uptake of the ReCAP project tools.

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RECAP – Recovering inclusion through Creativity After Pandemic

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