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Thursday 30 September 2021

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Although the topic of mental health of young people and those working with them has always been seriously discussed, the COVID-19 pandemic, and associated lockdowns and distance learning requirements, has highlighted the importance of mental health and wellbeing and the extent to which it impacts young people (as well as teachers).

The main purpose of this tool is to support VET organizations (and other educational organizations) to develop the role of Mental Health Champion.
A Mental Health Champion is someone who takes action to raise awareness, normalise the conversation around mental health and challenge stigma. Mental health champions aren’t expected to be experts in mental health, or to diagnose mental health problems. Instead, their role is to both promote positive mental health and address mental ill health and to signpost to relevant support and help, where appropriate.

The Skills Profile points out the skills and responsibilities needed to develop a successful role of Mental Health Champion within VET organisations, in line with the ESCO classification. It is presented by highlighting the essential tasks of the role and comparing these to the skills needed to successfully carry them out.

The skills and responsibilities described in this Skills Profile can be included in a self-assessment questionnaire, be part of the interview for choosing a person in the organization that will take on this role or be part of a role description. They will help the role of Mental Health Champion to be understood and developed in its entirety.

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MH+ Mental Health+ : Establishing requirements for positive mental health provision in VET

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