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Wednesday 29 September 2021

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The world of Digital Marketing is a universe in continuous development, a machine full of gears and professions among which that of the Digital Marketing Manager, the most sought-after professional figure of the moment, stands out.

The digitalization process that has characterised the world of Italian companies for some time at all levels and in all production sectors has now become a primary factor as well as a clear need for every type of activity, without distinction of size, importance or type of product / service provided.

The need to communicate effectively and captivating one’s business online and offline has essentially become a real corporate asset, a factor capable of overcoming the myopia of which it was a victim in a not too “past” past, positioning itself in a crucial role within corporate strategies. A process which has undergone a violent acceleration in conjunction with the spread of the Covid emergency.

For this reason, it is essential to rely on professionals of digital marketing to communicate a business to the infinite audience of the web.  

The sector can provide job opportunities for young people looking for a position in the job market. In order to support young unemployed people, aged between 23 and 30, in boosting their employability chances, in last 2 years the Erasmus+ project, EUYOUTH4HEALTH, has addressed the skills gap in digital communication and marketing strategies for health prevention.

With the aim to improve youngsters’ professional condition, the project partners have developed:

  • Market analysis report for Italy, Belgium, Greece, Austria and Germany, including information on health prevention sector, a stakeholder mapping, a list of twenty companies working in the field of health prevention and of worst and best practices regarding digital communication and promotion strategies and measures.
  • Training programme in the partners countries about digital communication and promotion strategies for companies working in the health prevention sector.
  • Release of a Smart Guide, including best practices originated from the project activities
  • Short videos to promote the project’s activities and results.

In the past months partners have arranged fruitful collaborations between youngsters interested in digital marketing and local SMEs in the health sector. Through these collaborations the trainees in small groups carried out various activities for companies, such as market and competitors’ analysis, social media and website analysis, development of the company logo, creation of a YouTube channel, scheduling of new posts for social media, etc.

During the project final conference held online on 13th September 2021, partners presented the results of the EUYOUTH4HEALTH project and the best marketing strategies developed by young trainees in all partner countries during their collaborations with the local SMEs. Here the youngsters involved could share their experiences related to their collaboration and show the main features of marketing and communication strategies they developed for the companies.

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About the project

EUYOUTH4HEALTH – Engaging European YOUTH in promoting HEALTH prevention is cofinanced by Erasmus+, Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for VET.


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Read more about EUYOUTH4HEALTH and see the project website.

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