YouthMetre: State of the art Report EU Youth Policy

State of the Art Report

The present report collects and analyses the latest EU policies and programmes for youth as well as published scientific researches investigating the impact of those policies on young Europeans.
The document envisages the production of a state-of the art report on the situation of youth policies across Europe with particular focus to the eight “key areas” identified by the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018: Education & Training, Employment & Entrepreneurship, Health & Well-Being, Participation, Voluntary Activities, Social Inclusion, Youth & the World, Creativity & Culture.
The research is particularly addressed to European policy and decision makers, youth workers and youth leaders and aims at providing them with a solid background on the present framework of youth policies in Europe and its impact on the target population. With the view of supporting the ongoing research for better policies and initiatives to empower young Europeans.

Target: Youth; Policy makers; Youth workers; Trainers; Teachers



  • Youth;
  • Active citizenship;
  • Non-formal education;
  • Good practices.

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