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Friday 29 September 2023

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The #WeCoLead Toolkit consists of three Toolkits and explores the role that informal and nonformal education can play in providing tools for young women to act as leaders and forces for change in their communities toward sustainability, equality, and inclusion. The goal is to use education to promote women’s empowerment and encourage young women to collectively initiate change in themselves and their communities by challenging structural oppression and women’s roles and unsustainable actions.
The Toolkits are based on the fundamental idea that, as a result of our initial analysis, women’s leadership and empowerment are interconnected processes that occur gradually and can be supported at different levels:

  • the individual level
  • in small organizations or informal groups
  • at the structural and organizational level in established organizations

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Erasmus+ KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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#WeCoLead – Young Women’s Leadership for Collaborative Sustainable Communities

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