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Monday 21 September 2020

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The SEEDS toolkit it a set of resource materials that altogether allow for being creative using hands-on technology with children from the age of three to six years in a preschool context. It contains different sets of resource materials that allow for using different technologies, such as physical robots and electrical circuits.

The Toolkit is divided in to three parts:

1. part A focuses on what the SEEDS toolkits contains and how to use it when you have a physical version of it at hand.

2. Part B describes what rules the SEEDS toolkit follows.

3. Part C contains manuals on how the toolkit can be produced in a fabrication laboratory (FabLab) or makerspace, and how it could be adapted or extended to fit your wishes and needs.

Moreover, you can download the Makerspace file files to make your Beebot and Ozobot Toolbox.

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SEEDS – Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in Preschools

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