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Monday 30 March 2020

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Methodological and pedagogical study

The following document contains a series of analytical papers produced in the framework of the sCAN – Platforms, Experts, Tools: Specialised Cyber-Activists Network project. During the 2 years of the project lifetime, partners drafted five different reports on country-specific trends, reports, specific hate phenomena and types. In particular, analytical papers focus on the following:
1) Antigypsyism on the Internet
2) Beyond the “Big Three”- Alternative platforms for online hate speech
3) Hotspots of Hate – The online responsibility of public figures
4) Intersectional Hate Speech Online
5) Hate speech trends during the Covid-19 pandemic in a digital and globalised age

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DG JUST – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) – Monitor, prevent and counter hate speech online


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