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Monday 23 March 2020

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SAFER: Activities Handbook


This Handbook was developed within the framework of “SAFER Project”. The project SAFER: “Systematic Approaches for Equality of Gender” (SAFER). SAFER Project aims to prevent, encourage reporting and combat Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through the application of Positive Psychology principles. A systematic approach is proposed in order to cultivate valuable skills which can be utilise not only to combat and prevent GBV, but also to enhance individual’s emotional and psychological well-being and create healthy social connections and interactions.

The project aims at raising awareness of Primary School Teachers, Students, Parents and relevant Stakeholders regarding challenging existing Gender Stereotypes and ultimately prevent GBV. SAFER's target is to firstly train Teachers and Educators and create a knowledge pool of classroom material available to them online, so they can impart their knowledge with Elementary students (ages 6-12). Furthermore, Educators that will follow SAFER’s instructions and activities will be in a position to foster a secure environment in the classroom, where students will feel comfortable and safe to express their feelings, opinions and concerns whilst feeling accepted and supported. 

SAFER Project proposes 4 key Modules: 

  • Gender Sensitive Pedagogy (and Comprehensive Sexuality Education)
  • Life Skills
  • Character Education
  • Resilience



  • children
  • teachers & pupils
  • gender and sexuality


Teachers of Primary School and educators of children aged 8-12

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