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Friday 10 November 2023

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The purpose of this report is to present the training and assessment methodology of RELIEF project. The link between the form and content of training, its delivery and its evaluation, the so-called training methods – techniques and training assessment constitute basic educational principle. This report consists of three parts:

a) The Training Methodology Guide which presents to trainers and training providers the RELIEF training methodology and techniques, along with recommended adaptations to respond to country/target groups specific needs and/or requirements. The methodology will include theoretical frameworks, learning approaches, and recommended training techniques, and procedures.

b) Specific alternative techniques and tools used in entrepreneurship, transversal skills, rural development, sustainability, social and/or human sciences and technology enhanced learning methods and tools as well as the rationale and suggested context for their application in bioeconomy education context under specific criteria.

c) The methodology and tools developed for the assessment of the learning outcomes ensuring the provision of feedback loops by students and trainees in all the phases of the training.

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