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Wednesday 23 August 2023

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In the context of Europe’s efforts to integrate TCNs in the economic life of their host countries, this course aims to improve TCN’s knowledge of the host country language in the field of economics and finance. The course addresses TCNs who have been residing in the host country for at least 3 years and have a B1-B2 level knowledge of the host country language. As this course is directly related to the Business Language course that has been implemented, aims to prepare TCNs for their potential integration into the business community of their host country, giving them access to a broad range of texts that would enable them to understand deeper terms about financial literacy. Moreover, it will offer guidance and tools for the TCNs on how to save money, make investments, open a bank account, apply for loans, set a business loan, be protected by frauds etc.

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PLOUTOS – cooPeration for achieving third country nationaLs’ financial independence thrOUgh financial liTeracy tOols and entrepreunerShip bootcamps

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Migrants and professionals working with them, general public

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