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Saturday 13 April 2024

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The SMARTEL project embarked on an extensive exploration of scientific research findings, encompassing studies conducted by luminaries such as Kaushik (2016), Melero, Leo in Blat (2012), Nicolaides (2012), and others. Drawing inspiration from these scholarly endeavors, the project meticulously identified and meticulously developed innovative, evidence-based pedagogical methodologies, meticulously tailored to the diverse needs of students across a multitude of academic disciplines. These methodologies were meticulously crafted to elevate learning outcomes and instill a profound sense of engagement within the hallowed halls of HEIs. To breathe life into the identified pedagogical methodologies, the SMARTEL project forged ahead with the seamless integration of supportive technologies into the fabric of diverse learning environments. This intricate tapestry of innovation included a myriad of tools such as learning management systems, adaptive learning platforms, and mobile learning applications, meticulously woven together to fashion inclusive and accessible learning environments. By skillfully intertwining these technological marvels, HEIs were empowered to deliver personalized learning experiences that catered to the individualized needs and predilections of each student.

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SMARTEL – Improving the process of education through the development of e-learning multimedia platform and smart classrooms

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