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Monday 15 January 2024

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The main objective of these 12 learning scenarios is to support VET teachers and trainers to improve their skills and competencies, firstly in content creation and secondly in digital pedagogy, by providing comprehensive and practical guidance. These scenarios provide trainers practical guidelines, ideas of teaching approaches, activities and content for designing their lessons. The scenarios can be used as a model to inspire trainers to develop their own resources for different contexts, situations, and student groups by adapting the OERs developed in the first outcome. The learning scenarios will refer to a learning situation, describe the learning and supporting activities, roles, target audiences, target users, prerequisites, objectives, and the tools and resources needed to implement the activities. The scenarios are developed for different contexts, whether face-to-face, online or blended training, and include a chapter with instructions for trainers on how to adapt the resources to different contexts when possible. The 12 learning scenarios are divided into the 6 domains analyzed in the OER Open Educational Resources: Attitude and Open-mindedness, Global Management, Communication and Collaboration, “Bridging,” Digital Literacy, and Advanced Digital Skills.

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