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Monday 3 May 2021

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The Toolkit provides creative methods to cope with bullying situations and prevent the escalation of conflicts at school. It is particularly useful for engaging students with social difficulties.

The Toolkit includes a collection of 13 innovative tools categorized according to the methodology used: Symbolwork, (Digital) Storytelling and Folk Tale Work. Each tool is described using key information to guide and support pedagogues in the choice of the best activity to use: difficulty level, age target group, duration, themes covered, type of activity, source of the tool, overview, objectives, materials needed, instructions, the reason why the tool can be useful in the school environment. Moreover, the toolkit contains a selection of best practices that can be taken as a reference point to improve schools’ strategies, and case studies that have been gathered through interviews.

Our hope is that students and educators will use this Toolkit to create a positive climate and improve the communication inside the classroom, having a real impact on students’ mental health, emotional resilience and on the school atmosphere, and, with a broader perspective, also to decrease social exclusion and bullying.

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DG EAC, Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for school education



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KITE fighters – Kids and Teachers Fighting for Inclusion

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